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A promise of a tomorrow that allows or obliges us to rebuild ourselves.

Going forward or back?

A collective dance, interrupted by moments of loneliness together with the desire to connect, meet the other and unite. Playing with time, expressed by suspended and rapid movements. It is the creation of a universe that can transport the young performers, in a movement guided by rhythm and musical sensuality.

First collaboration with Area Jeune Ballet, dir. Marie-Christine de Maigret de Priches et Anastasia Piguet Past and future meet in the present moment.


First collaboration with Polle van Genechten, a young Dutch composer, and for the lyrics by Martino Muller.


Choreography: Ken Ossola

Length: 16 min. 

Music: Polle van Genechten and Martino Müller

Light: Brandon Sterling Baker

Photo shot: Gregory Batardon

Premier: February 15th 2022

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