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Choreography produced by le Grand Ballet de Genève as a tribute to Gustav Mahler


Ken Ossola’s choice of Gustav Mahler’s hymn of love to life and the world for this performance seems obvious, given his dance’s propensity for the sacred and the way he places human beings in the eternal whirlwind of forces at play in the universe.


Ken Ossola invents movement to heighten and deepen his dancers’ awareness. He captures the secret magic of a body language that joins the innermost energy of individual being with a substance both divine and immaterial.


Choreography: Ken Ossola

Length: 1h10 (without intermission)

Music: Gustav Malher

Light: William Ballerio, Arnaud Viala

Costume: Nicolas Musin

Sound and video: Alexandre Averty

Photo shot: Gregory Batardon



Céline Allain, Fernanda Barbosa, Louise Bille, Ornella Capece, Andie Masazza, Virginie Nopper, Yu Otagaki, Angela Rebelo, Sara Shigenari, Sarawanee Tanatanit, Daniela Zaghini, Joseph Aitken, Loris Bonani, Natan Bouzy, Aurélien Dougé, Paul Girard, Armando Gonzalez, Vladimir Ippolitov, Xavier Juvcn, Nathanaël Marie, Geoffrey Van Dyck, Nahuel Vega

Premier: Genève, 2014

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