KIOKOU - 2012 - Geneva

Kiokou is a journey into the past, between dream and reality.

Memories of furtive moments, expressing and revealing themselves in the present. Memories that dissipate and move away, then resurface, imprinting our memories and our bodies before disappearing into infinity..

Duration : 13 min

Kiokou - 2012 - Ken Ossola

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Production Crew in Geneva

Choreography : Ken Ossola

Lights : Alexandre Bryand

Costumes : Marion Schmid

Music : Alva Noto et Ryuichi Sakamoto


Music selected from TP

Composed by Alva Noto and Ryuichi Sakamoto

1. Plateaux 2 / End


Extreme Musicality, organic and visceral, emotional force, introverted and meditative, sensitive collective composition, technicity and execution in accelerando-diminuendo, contrasting arrangement of stylized movements, angular or emphatic unfolding, touching performance.

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