Sed Lux Permanet

Genève – 2011

Lux, chorégraphie de Ken Ossola


Choreography produced by le Grand Ballet de Genève

In his “Requiem” Gabriel Fauré illustrates a peaceful image of death. With the choir “In paradisum” his piece ends on a hopeful note. Here, death is returning home into the light, not a gruesome end.

Swiss choreographer Ken Ossola does not deny the spiritual essence of the piece which originated in the end of the 19th century, yet adds a bodily substance that is beyond all religious tradition.

Duration : approx. 36 m (without intermission)

Final de La Lueur de l'Aube, chorégraphie de Ken Ossola, création Montréal Mars 2016

Production Crew

Choreography : Ken Ossola
Music : Gabriel Fauré
Lights : Kees Tjebbes
Scenography and costumes : Jean-Marc Puissant

Director of Ballet du Grand Théâtre de Genève
Philippe Cohen


1. Libera me
2. Agnus dei
3. Pie jesu
4. Sanctus
5. Offertoire
6. Introit et kyrie
7. In paradisum



« Those 18 dancers seem to move within a state of ‘in between’, partly returned to earth, partly committed to this profane world. “Lux” is pure beauty where death is no less scary, yet accepted without fear. Underneath silver-grey shimmering costumes vulnerable bodies are hidden; jerking on the floor they indulge in the secret of birth into a new existence. Those transparent shirts show carefully implied wounds that life inflicts upon mankind. Like a light-flower bouquet or a torch traditionally symbolizing death, a sculptural object is lowered from the stage sky, indicating a connection of all spheres.

The deeply touching pas de deux in the end is only one dance miracle among many emotional scenes. As if an angel led the soul to eternal rest that is the beginning of eternal life. An inspiring dance dream that – after 35 minutes – sends its delighted and moved audience into intermission”.

Elisabeth Einecke-Klövenkorn