Ken Ossola creating Zoom In

Zoom In choreography by Ken Ossola 2021 / Zoom in chorégoraphie de Ken Ossola de 2021
13 May 2021

Ken Ossola creating Zoom In

Discover more about the creation of Ken Ossola’s Zoom In choreography.

Read more with this article, published in The Ballet Herald

“Ossola has a polished movement vocabulary displayed in his choice of contact and rebound movements (stemming from his impressive experience in the Jiří Kylián style). Dancer Tyson Clark stands out in his use of the floor and adoption of Ossola’s choreographic style.

Relying on an ominous otherness, the piece holds a tension throughout, but it is the final pas de deux with María Álvarez and Paul Craig where the tension meets its match in music and dance. The strings of Arvo Pärt’s music hit whistling high notes, the choreography revealing a quietness as the dancers relax into each other.”


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