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Do you remember when you've been standing next to an empty dance floor and no one would  dare to make the first move? 
Do you remember your heart beating when you stepped forward, excited by the beat of the music and embarrassed being watched by strangers? 
Do you remember that it didn't take long before someone else followed and joined you and together you've made a crowd move?
I've always been fascinated by people who would express their excitement and happiness by stepping forward regardless of what others would think of them.Inspired by that state of excitement and happiness I wanted to create a piece that would start out with one single dancer who then would make everyone else join him brightly.


The Academy of Dance Mannheim , dir: Agnès Noltenius 

Choreography: Ken Ossola

Dancers: Akari, Hyori, Grace, Mariagiulia, Virginia, Giana, Hyo, Jake, Marc, Kevin, Tobias.
Light design: Brandon Sterling Baker
Length of the Piece: 14:30
Music Length: 14:30


“Life Polarizer” Artist: Pauli 

 “Forever”, Artist: Goldmund

“New Light", Artist: Gidge 

Musical Arrangement: Martino Müller

World premiere: 11.06.2021, at Hebelhalle, Heidelberg

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